Kibibi Ajanku is first and foremost, an artist. She was raised in a West Baltimore home that prized curiosity and understanding above all else. As the daughter of two scientists, Kibibi was raised to approach life from a standpoint of research, experimentation, and design thinking. However, Kibibi hails from a legacy of creators, makers, and innovators. As the granddaughter of seamstresses, Kibibi Ajanku began sewing at the age of seven and has not stopped since. Throughout her artistic practice she has used this skill to create through the mediums of fashion, dyeing, doll making, quilt making and so much more.

Kibibi Ajanku’s artistic practices did not stop there; as a dancer, she not only toured the world but created the beloved Sankofa Dance Theatre in her hometown of Baltimore MD. Sankofa Dance Theatre serves as a community center of power and pillar to Baltimore’s Black arts community whose legacy of education and storytelling continues on through the work of the Ajanku family to this day. 



Kibibi Ajanku has continued her journey as an artist through her work as a curator, by creating new and innovative ways to present the past, present, and future of the Black diaspora. She uses this same lens to curate arts-based equity, diversity, and inclusion programming through her work as an educator within universities and arts organizations throughout Baltimore. Kibibi Ajanku’s work has and continues to uplift and empower Black artists and increase intercultural understanding within the city of Baltimore and around the world.






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