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Nigerian Batik Wax Stamp Fabric Design

July 20 & Aug 17 3-6 PM

  • 3 hours
  • 75 US dollars
  • Ajanku Art Studio

Service Description

Join us at Ajanku Art Studio for an immersive workshop on Nigerian Batik wax stamp fabric design, led by the talented Kibibi Ajanku. Delve into the rich history of Batik, a tradition older than recorded time itself. While many associate Batik with Southeast Asia, its influence stretches far and wide, touching nations such as Japan, India, and Africa. Discover how Batik became as valuable as gold, traded eagerly across continents. In Nigeria, communities like the Yoruba embraced their own interpretation of Batik techniques, creating a highly cherished art form throughout West Africa. From intricate geometric patterns to expressive figurative imagery, participants will learn to carry on the ancient tradition of handcrafted Batiks. Under Kibibi Ajanku's guidance, you'll explore the meticulous process of Batik Block Printing, a technique revered for its intricate detail and timeless beauty. Embrace the essence of this respected ancient craft and take home your own wax fabric masterpiece. All materials included.

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