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Kibibi Ajanku
Curator-in-Residence at the

Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Museum, Bearman Gallery

Kibibi Ajanku is Curator-in-Residence at the

Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Museum

3rd Floor Gallery (Bearman Gallery)

Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland.

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Kibibi Ajanku is an independent curator based in Baltimore, Maryland. Ajanku has traveled the African Diaspora to study, teach, perform, and exhibit with many masters, and is the Founding Mother of the Baltimore-based Sankofa Dance Theater, a group that continues to share joyous spirit by bringing movement and rhythm together in layered, interlocking rhythmic patterns. Ajanku believes that when presented properly, art is the perfect vehicle to inspire authentic dialogue in an effort to move forward into greater intercultural awareness for the global community. As a result, her curatorial projects encompass an ever-growing body of exploratory research, image-making, exhibition-making. She often uses the exhibition space to emphasize relationships between historical occurrences and lived history.

Ajanku attended Morgan State University and received her MFA in Curatorial Practice from Maryland Institute College of Art. She is the Bearman Gallery Curator-In-Residence for the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Museum. Some of her recent exhibitions include Indigo Magic (2016); Locations (2017); Frederick Douglass (2018); NonToxic Masculinity (2018); We Choose! (2019); Espi Frazier (2019); and Freedom Train (2021).


Additionally, Kibibi Ajanku curates and guides the elements of the Urban Arts Leadership Fellowship for the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance where she serves as Equity and Inclusion Director. Under her leadership, the Fellowship has increased racial inclusion within arts sector leadership and has positively altered workplace best practices through actively training, placing, and referring, an annual cohort of emerging professionals. Additionally, she holds space as the Resident Curator for a small gallery in the Fells Point area of Baltimore, Maryland. Ajanku is also the Urban Arts Professor for a small cohort of students at Coppin State University and additionally serves as a Resident Artist/Educator for Maryland Institute College of Art Fibers Department. Furthermore, Ajanku is excited to administer the evolution of a new Urban Arts Field School project with UAL fellows and community folklorists, recently funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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