Kibibi believes that when presented properly, art is the perfect vehicle to move forward into greater intercultural awareness for the global community.


As a result, she is continuously involved in programming that expands awareness, builds insight, and connects people.

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The population of America is quickly changing. By the year 2040, the majority of the nation will be represented by ethnicities that are presently called minorities. That is why Kibibi Ajanku believes in top-down organization and workplace change.

Kibibi directs leadership programming that offers a tangible step to creating and widening the pipeline to arts sector headship for a diverse pool of emerging arts trailblazers.

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She has recruited, trained, and placed new and diverse leaders in the Baltimore arts sector with consistent success and retention rates. Kibibi genuinely believes these young change-makers are the multicultural America of tomorrow.


Her groups represent equity, as well as inclusion in a broad-based way. Kibibi believes that it is the responsibility of effective leadership to generate awareness, foster access, and hold space for pride in identity.


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