Studying the arts within an academic environment involves both student and instructor in interactive conversations within the context of the artwork at hand, and that work should not be defined as elite or non-elite. Kibibi’s role as a teacher is to enable students to obtain a context on which they can build a solid creative platform.


Kibibi Ajanku’s goal is to show that study itself is a creative 

process. Within the context of artistry, there is an authentic through-line for expression that does not exist elsewhere. Under Kibibi’s guidance, students begin to engage in their own creative conversations with her, with the imagination, and with each other, thereby creating a process that enriches the world. 

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This context should be driven by genuine study and authentic motivation. It is her goal to guide students in the creation of work that stands up to critical evaluation. More importantly, Kibibi wants her students to understand, intellectually and emotionally, that their past, present, and future lives are inextricably connected to the aesthetics that surround and engulf all of our lives, at all times.

As part of this process, it is also her effort to ensure that the path to erudition is conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance of various opinions, a safe space, thus, candid interaction can take place. Finally, since the creation of artwork is a universal norm by individuals operating from various cultural frameworks, beliefs, and practices, it is crucial that artistic pedagogy be presented within a multicultural framework. 


Kibibi Ajanku is a proponent of active learning and uses a variety of methods to encourage project engagement. One method is to assign a class endeavor with multiple pathways to solution. Partner groups must each define a component that is pre-designated to act as a “puzzle piece” for the overall and final result. This quickly fosters class synergy, allows for clarity of instructional goals, opens the way for frank discourse, and lays the groundwork for strong personal projects.