Kibibi Ajanku is an artist who brings life to stories of the past, present, and future using material, time, and place.


By communicating through both new age and ancient mediums,


Ajanku intentionally designs art, exhibitions, and programming that merges the past to the present; fueling a prosperous future for all. 

  • Storyteller: Kibibi's work is rooted in oral traditions of the African Diaspora. Her  travels fuel the information with which she executes her artistry, pedagogy and curatorial practice. 

  • Innovator of the Ancient: Through the melding of ancient practices and Afro-futurism, Kibibi creates new ways for people to connect with the African Diaspora and themselves.

  • Unifier of Truths: Kibibi approaches all of her work from a lens of Liberation and Justice. Her work strives to connect the deep divides of this nation using universal truths and rigorous dialogue in order to create a common language with which all can converge their realities.

Ajanku's work reclaims identity