Kibibi Ajanku

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Kibibi Ajanku is a fiber artist who makes and presents ethnically charged art. Her passion embodies the thrust of the African Diaspora. Ajanku’s creativity is the ongoing and ever-evolving effort of a life journey that is eclectic and innovative. It is ancient while at the same time new-world, and always changing. Kibibi Ajanku’s artistry is layered with, and entrenched in, indigenous folkways through work that embodies research, identity, and the gathering of elements of African retention. She hopes to evoke intuitive memories that reach back into ancestral histories and stories that impact the here and the now.

Ajanku's work explores creative inheritance and indigo dye traditions that define the intersection of fiber arts between America and West Africa. 

Recent Artist Awards:

 Rubys Artist Award 

Sue Hess  Arts Advocacy Award 


Kibibi Ajanku Baker Artist Portflio


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